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The Problems

One problem to moving forward could be is that you have a zillion brilliant ideas and are probably overwhelmed on where to start....that's where I come in.  You bring the passion and investment, I bring the tools and experience!


Also, the problems lie in moving from "complaining mode" to "action mode", and realising that unless YOU change, nothing will change.  What I find is that people are in some sort of pain (financial, limitations, expectations, burdens), but some like to stay stuck in that pain because it's easier to complain about the pain, rather than DO something about it.   We fall into victim mode and we want OTHER PEOPLE to stop what they are doing that causes us pain.  We want them to recognise they they are causing us pain and to do something about it to make our lives better.  This thinking is the TRAP of all TRAPS and will keep us stuck in victim mode!!


You see, if WE have the issue, then WE need to DO SOMETHING to empower ourselves to either make the pain go away, or recognise that it never will, cut our losses, empower ourselves and move onto something better!  I know, I wallowed in the pain for 5 years before I finally had had enough and TOOK ACTION to change my life!


Before people come to me, these are the complaints that I hear, because they are typically still in a JOB (JOB = Just Over Broke).  This is what I hear them say (see if any sound familiar to you...):


•My hours are so long I can't do the things I want to do!

•I want to spend more time with my family!

•I can't seem to earn what I'm worth!

•No matter where I go, I get a horrible boss

• What am I a 'tyrant magnet'?

•I don't want to be worried that I'm going to lose my job everytime my child gets sick!

•I'm on Maternity Leave and I just CAN'T go back to that place  •I want to go to my child's school presentation without getting death stares!


Sound familiar?  No?  What about this then:


•I've reached the top - now what?  

•The money is good, but I'm just NOT happy  

•This is not as satisfying as I thought it was going to be

•I'm so over these terrible decision makers  

•Every time I come up with a great idea, someone else steals it or profits from it!

•I've hit the glass ceiling - I can't get anymore money or a higher position unless someone leaves or goes to heaven!

•I'm so sick of putting in the hard work and my boss gets the credit AND the payrise

•I'm just sick of people controlling my life!  

•There has to be something better out there!



Well, THERE IS!!!  So, the question is, do you REALLY want to change this?  Are you just stuck in a complaining rut, or are you really SERIOUS about changing your life?  I've come across LOTS of people who SAY they want to change their life, but then they get scared about investing, learning and growing......they put up with "better the devil you know", and stay stuck in the whining, complaining and misery.


I have a question for you:


What if I told you that 10 years from now your life would be exactly the same as it is now?

I doubt you'd be happy......so why are you so afraid to change?


Life is WAY TOO SHORT to be miserable and scared! It's time to think about your happiness, your dreams and to start living up to your potential!  Oh and BTW, who says you have to throw away your 9-5 straight away to start a business? Think STRATEGICALLY and get IT to pay for your business adventure, until you are ready to say "catch you later!"


Changing and transforming your life requires investment - investment in time, money and resources.   I ONLY work with people who can demonstrate this by their actions, and their willingness to move through their own fears to invest their time, money and resources into learning and developing their lives, and that of their families.

I LOVE what I do! 

Quantum Leap Tips 

Ready to leave your Corporate 9-5?

I believe that life is meant to be ENJOYED, not ENDURED 

I'm Anne, The Positivity  and Transformation Specialist - I facilitate and influence transformational change through positive and emotionally intelligent decision making.


Why?  I believe life is meant to be ENJOYED, not ENDURED!

My Passion


My passion in life is to teach, coach, speak to, write books about and help both budding and existing entrepreneurs achieve their business dreams so that they can live a life of freedoms, flexibility and fun!  


Why?  Because I was so unhappy being controlled, restricted, undermined and limited in my corporate job that I just dreaded Mondays. I was so unhappy and it affected my health.  For many years I had wanted to be in my own business, but was scared to make the leap.  One day enough was enough - I made a decision to go into business for myself, teaching, training, coaching and helping other people leave the corporate rat-race and start their own business around doing what they LOVE to do!


Every single person I know has a dream - a dream to make their lives better, or go on more holidays, or be a success, or spend more time with family, or have more in the bank, or buy a new house/car, or go to their child's school presentation, or work from home, or retire early, or get fit, or write a book, or, or, or.......the list goes on!  


I know you have a dream too, and whatever it is that you want, you deserve to have it come true.  


The thing is, to make any dream come true, you have to take steps to MAKE it start to happen.  

Just wishing it to happen won't make it happen.


If your goal is to start up your own business, leave the rat-race of the corporate world behind you and work for yourself, then you have come to the right place!  You know you have that burning passion to do something - something different, something that you love, something that is meaningful, something that will help others, something that will make a difference in your life and that of others......

The Solution!

What you need to alleviate the anxiety, confusion, nervousness and uncertainty in starting up your own small business is a structured business training program, (with or without one-on-one coaching), that helps you every step of the way with Step-by-Step Action Plans, Informative Webinars, Business Templates, Checklists,To Do Lists, PDFs,  and information galore.  It's called:


AMC's "Entrepreneurial Business School", and it is made up of 3 business leadership programs that come with or without one-on-one coaching:


•Business Basics

•Business Brilliance

•Business Mastery


I've been a small business, leadership and management trainer for 16 years now, and I taught national business, small business, and management qualifications in a private vocational college format.  I have trained thousands of people in the fundamentals of running a business - from the very start, right through to multi-million dollar corporations.


Apart from being a small business owner myself, my own knowledge has been built up over 20 years in senior management, leadership, small business, AND, I have a Master Degree in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, where I majored in Leadership and Organisational Change!  In these structured training programs, I share with you what I have learned, what to do, inspirations and what to avoid so that you can BE the best that you can be in business!


The people that I work with people all have two things in common - they are dreaming of something better, AND they are prepared to invest in themselves to get there!  Yes, that means that a course as detailed and structured with adult learning principles like this, is an investment.  The good thing is that you can CHOOSE your level of investment depending on your budget, PLUS, depending on your investment, there are some wonderful freebies and inspirations that I gift you to help you on your journey!


I spend my time working with people who want to make a difference in the world – to others, to themselves, for their family.  I only work with people who:


•want to change their life from mediocre to AMAZING

•have a fire in their bellies to get more out of life

•have a passion to do something meaningful to help others

•do not limit themselves with excuses, but find ways to say YES


If you TRULY want to transform your life, work towards leaving that 9-5 behind and live the life you truly desire, then you need to enrol into my Entrepreneurial Business School so that you can be guided the whole way!


By engaging in this Business School, you are going to become a confident, positive, happy and success-minded business owner who is able to stand in your power and show the world what you are made of!


I show my clients love, attention, inspiration, and most of all, my clients know that I believe in them and their potential because they FEEL it. My greatest joy is seeing my clients grow, shine and succeed!


Change is good and liberating, change is healing and exciting, change is full of possibilities and rewards. Embrace change and don't be frightened of it - the rewards are incredible when you allow them in!


Whether your business is to be a bricks-and-mortar store, a retreat, a consultancy, or work-from-home enterprise such as being an author, dog walker, mobile bookkeeper, speaker etc, these programs are for suitable for you as they teach business fundamentals, marketing and leadership!

"It has long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.  They went out and happened to things."

Leonardo da Vinci

Do What you Love Every Day