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Training, Mentoring and Coaching

I help people like you create and build a business based around doing what you love to do!


You come up with the business idea

based on doing WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO -

I provide the training and coaching on how to get there!


Here's a Webinar that I created on Coaching (it's a tiny bit fuzzy - oops - but the audio is great!).  Remember that my Home-Study programs can be WITH or WITHOUT one-on-one Coaching!

As The Positivity and Transformation Specialist,I transform people's lives!  


I help people achieve career and business brilliance, through end-to-end professional development, management/business mentoring and entrepreneurial leadership coaching.


I have been enhancing people's lives since 1997 when I became an accredited adult trainer.  

I love being able to teach people new and exciting ways to change their lives, be better leaders/managers in the workplace.   I LOVE to help budding entrepreneurs leave their corporate world behind and start their own business, and help existing entrepreneurs move to the next level!

This Entreprenurial Business School is an educationally designed, structured and step-by-step home study business school.  So many people have dreams to become a small business owner, and often people don't know where to start and how to get a business up and running.


Suitable to all business formats, EBS teaches you step-by-step how to do it!  Filled with Webinars, Templates, PDFs, Action Plans and Implementations, this is structured, practical and helps you build the systems you need to be an effective business owner!


You have one module of study per month (you can speed up, or slow down), and you have 3 levels to choose from -


Business Basics - 3 Modules

Business Brilliance - 6 Modules

Business Mastery - 11 Modules


You CAN purchase each Module individually to fully customise your needs!


Business Basics - $1000

Business Brilliance - $2000

Business Mastery - $4000

Buying Each Unit Individually - $500

This is  the turbo charged version of the EBS, because you ALSO get one-on-one coaching directly with me!


As each month goes by, we catch up for a one hour Skype session so that we can talk about your challenges, have a look at your marketing copy, set new goals for you and I'm also there to help you get focused and be accountable for your dreams.


With one-on-one coaching, you are getting the star treatment, where every single one of your ideas can be heard, critiqued and streamlined so that you can go forward with gusto!


I'm here as your coach, guide, mentor, your pep rally, your confidence booster, your greatest supporter and your greatest ally.


Together, we put your Entrepreneurial Business Dreams into Reality!


Business Basics + Coaching - $2000

Business Brilliance + Coaching - $4000

Business Mastery + Coaching - $8000

Business owners/Newbies to Business: Got pressing problems and burning questions? Feel stuck and need help? Confused with a zillion ideas but which one first? Want crystal clarity and active help on what to do next?


Laser coaching is what you need!  I will answer questions, solve problems, provide clarity and direction, and create full success Action Plans for you to drive your business forward!


If you are starting out, want a boost, or are a seasoned professional at a cross-roads, join me for laser coaching - it’s called laser coaching because we pinpoint the issues and focus on the solutions - it’s speedy, satisfying and sensational! You will walk away with abundant confidence, crystal clear direction and clarity, bubbling energy and a concrete Action Plan to start putting into practice the minute we finish the session!


1 hour - $500

1/2 day - $1500

full day - $2500

Ongoing - $500 per hour, per month

Webinar   October 2014