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My Story

The journey to leave the corporate world behind and become an entrepreneur,  began early when I was just a small child - I just didn't realise it at the time.  My parents were in business for themselves, a 24 hour operation, and I grew up in the family business right from being a few months old, so I guess the entrepreneurial spirit ran deep, as did the love of travel and experiencing new cultures.


However, I did the expected thing and got a job and moved up the corporate ladder to senior management.  To outside people looking in, it seemed like I was a "career girl", loving the 9-5. Well, no.  I hated it.  I hated the limitations people placed on me (limited earnings, limited holidays, limited flexibility), the unreasonable expectations people had of working extra long hours and not being paid for it, the erratic decisions that were being made,  and I hated the Master-Servant relationship that my bosses imposed as if they "owned me".


The entrepreneurial spirit in me was restless.....there just had to be something better out there!    After years of "overwork and underpay", I had had enough of the 9-5!  As tears of misery fell into my champagne bubbles on NYE, I knew I HAD TO MAKE A CHANGE!  


On December 31st, 2002  (New Years Eve), I made a decision that changed my life!!!

I made the quantum leap to leave my job and become a business owner.

On New Years Day 2003, I was a new woman!


That was over 13 years ago now.......it was the best thing I ever did!  I'm The Positivity Strategist, a FREEDOMpreneur, trainer, coach, author and inspirational speaker and I LOVE what I do!  I made the quantum leap - I created amazing internal systems so that in making the leap, I learned that there was nothing to fear and everything to gain!


I've been teaching motivated people management and business qualifications with proven systems on how to run their own small business for 12 years.....no matter what type of business it is, if you love doing it, I'll coach you in how to get it!  How?  Over the last 12 years I've packaged up those implementation systems with templates, how to's and step by step instructions for my clients so that they get results.....

My point of difference to every other coach out there is this:


I'm a qualified adult trainer and instructional designer of learning material, entrepreneurial and transformational business coach (of 12 years)

business owner of a coaching practice/learning and development consultancy with a Master degree in HRM, specialising in leadership and organisational change.... that, and people LOVE WORKING WITH ME!


I look forward to hearing from you to make you sparkle with a new zest for life!

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US$5 Million - US$10 Million

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The Positivity and Transformation Specialist