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Entrepreneurial Business School 

What you get - home study!

* Instructionally-designed and sequenced learning material

* Webinars, ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours in length with notes

* Full action plans, templates, checklists, and pdfs

* Step by step instructions

* Set tasks for achievement

* Admission to the “invitation only” AMC Business Community

* Opportunity to up-grade to next program

* Opportunity to up-grade to VIP Intensives

* Opportunity to continue mentoring after program completion


What you get - home study+coaching!

* All of the above AND access to Anne, who:

* is an industry expert, entrepreneur, adult trainer/coach/mentor

* holds a Master degree in HRMan&IR, majoring in leadership and

  organisational change

* holds numerous business and training qualifications


I TRANSFORM people's lives!  I help motivated people like you, who know they deserve and want more out of life, create and build a business based around doing what you love to do!


You come up with the business idea based on doing WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO - I provide the training and coaching on how to get there!

Entrepreneurial Business School - Study Options 

Visualisation - Explore your deepest career and business desires, and greatest life dreams.  This is the time to think BIG and really drill down on what you want in life.


Attracting Idyllic Clients - Discover who your idyllic clients are and how you can attract them to you, like bees to a honeypot!


Realisation and Reflection - This is the wrap up of this program, and you will come to some realisations about how far you have come, and how far you have got to go, and how you are going to get there!


Business Basics - $1000 (without Coaching),  $2000 (with Coaching)

Includes:  Business Basics +


Self-Discovery - Enter into a voyage of self-discovery where you will learn to harness the harraser that is time, and express yourself in a way that ramps up your self-esteem and propels you to be the confident, savvy and compelling person you always dreamed of being!


Entreprenuership - Open yourself to your own brilliance and learn how to make the world a better place by leaving your mark and creating value with your business activities


Tantalising Tempters - Design magnetising marketing programs and activites where people will be falling over each other to have one of your products, programs and services!


Business Brilliance - $2000 (without Coaching),  $4000 (with Coaching)

Includes:  Business Basics + Business Brilliance +


Lucrative Liaisons - Develop long-term deliciously rewarding relationships with client champions who will then turn every meeting in to an ongoing and lucrative liaison


Inspirational Leadership - Learn the secret techniques that the successful and inspiring leaders use that guarantee you have a cheerful and super-productive workforce champions that will go out of their way to make you happy!


Targeted Training and Meaningful Mentoring - As a leader/entrepreneur, part of your legacy will be to teach, nurture and guide the next generation to continue in your footsteps until they can forge a path of their own.


Soul Food - Feeding the soul nourishing goodness is a MUST as a successful leader and entrepreneur....you'll be amazed at what deliciousness awaits!


Mind, body and spirit wellness - The Trinity - mind, body and spirit - learn how to nourish and care for each one so that you can fulfil your life's purpose in the way you need to!


Business Mastery - $4000 (without Coaching),  $8000 (with Coaching)


avc Coaching Page

My point of difference to every other coach out there is this:

I'm a qualified adult trainer and instructional designer of learning material, entrepreneurial and transformational business coach,

business owner of a coaching practice/learning and development consultancy with a Master degree in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, specialising in leadership and organisational change...I have trained 1000's of people in the last 15 years to success, that, and people LOVE WORKING WITH ME!

Business Basics - 3 months

Business Brilliance - 6 months

Business Mastery - 12 months